Dom Casmurro

First published in Brazil in 1899, now being published by Daunt Books with my new design.

Station Eleven

I recently designed the cover for Station Eleven published by Picador. It's a brilliant book set in the present day and the future where a deadly disease has wiped out most of civilisation. I'm a big fan of dystopian/apocalyptic fiction/movies so it was a real treat to work on.

As an added bonus I was asked to design a double page comic for the inside as one of the characters in the book writes and illustrates a comic book. Here are the different stages of development, from very rough roughs to the final spread. 

I used some etchings from everyones favourite royalty free source, Dover Books, to help with the composition.

I used some etchings from everyones favourite royalty free source, Dover Books, to help with the composition.

Station Eleven comic 8.jpg

This is the final spread. In the book the comic is drawn in the present day but found in the future so it needed to look a bit knackered.

Love Game

This came in today. A reminder that summer is just around the corner...

David Lodge

Here are a couple of new David Lodge titles. Lives in Writing is out now, The Year of Henry James is published later this year.

What, no house...

Here's the cover for House of Knives which follows my design for William Shaw's previous book A Song for Dead Lips.

House of Knives.jpg

Save the Story

My designs for the first four of ten titles from the Save the Story series have just been published by Pushkin Press. From Pushkin's website:

"Save the Story is a library of favourite stories from around the world, retold for today’s children by some of the best contemporary writers. The stories they retell span cultures (from Ancient Greece to nineteenth-century Russia), time and genres (from comedy and romance to mythology and the realist novel), and they have inspired all manner of artists for many generations."

STS x 4.jpg

American Smoke

Hot off the press, the cover for Iain Sinclair's American Smoke folds out into a map of the USA which illustrates various stories from his travels through the States. It's a fantastic book starring beatniks, movie stars and Nazi war criminals.

American Smoke 3.jpg
American Smoke 1.jpg
American Smoke 2.jpg

Shooting Stars

I've been working with Pushkin Press on their deluxe clothbound hardbacks. It also includes illustrated chapter openers and some nice printed endpapers.

Shooting Stars cover.jpg
Shooting Stars cover 2.jpg
Field of Waterloo.jpg